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Monthly meetings are held at 2.00-4.00pm on second Mondays in the Main hall.

Members and guests are welcome, but special meetings may be restricted.
Guests may come to any two meetings in the year before joining the U3A.

A fee of £1 is normally payable; this includes tea and biscuit.

Organised by Don Stacey (644423).

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Date Subject Speaker
April 10th
Tales of a Scotland Yard Detective
Steve Roberts retired as Detective Inspector with the Metropolitan Police after 30 years. He served in the Flying Squad, Murder Squad, Anti Corruption Command and the Kidnap Unit.
His talk outlines his career and is supported by personal anecdotes together with insight into the various departments.
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Detective Inspector (ret'd) Steve Roberts
May 8th An amusing account of Life in our Schools
Brian Carline has been teaching for over thirty years and most recently worked as an Assistant Head at a secondary school in Essex. In his spare time, he's a stand-up comedian. Brian has written several books on teaching such as:
  • What Pupils Really Think about their Schools
  • How to be a Successful Head of Year
  • The SAS Guide to Teaching
Brian Carline
June 12th Human Cargo - the transportation of convicts to the Americas and Australia.
Judy Davies talk relates to persons and events from British history in the late 16th century, when vagrancy and petty crime were rife in Britain and our prisons were full. How could we dispose of these unwanted persons?
Judy Davies

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Date Subject Speaker
January 9th
My Life as a freelance Comedy Writer
In his hilarious, clean and highly-praised talk, ‘My Life as a Freelance Comedy Writer’, Nick told how he started writing humour by winning competitions in national publications such as Punch before going on to write for the BBC and work with household names such as Roy Hudd, June Whitfield and rock stars 10cc and Justin Hayward, as well as an assortment of weird and wonderful (if lesser-known) live performers. He also revealed how real life is often so much funnier than a comedy writer’s inventions – with numerous examples!.
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Nick R Thomas
February 13th
George Cruikshank
George Cruikshank is now best known for his brilliant drawings for Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist. But this is to do his prodigious skills and work output a disservice. Cruikshank moved effortlessly from biting satirical prints in the Georgian era through to producing engravings for numerous books and journals in Victorian times. Adapting his talents both to new printing technology and the new demands of the reading public, he is considered by many to be the greatest illustrator of the 19th century. His personal reputation hasn't survived quite so well, partly through his obsession with temperance in later life and the fact that when he died, aged 85, it was discovered he had fathered eleven illegitimate children with his mistress.
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Ian Keable
March 13th
Sea Sick in the Sinai
Having visited the Sinai once before, just for a day, Ann decided that she wanted to experience more. So she booked a week to live with the Bedouin in the Sinai for 8 days to experience how they live and to share their life style. To say that this was an eye opener is putting it mildly. Not only is the talk interesting but extremely funny in places. Living and sleeping in the open has to be experienced to appreciate it.
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Ann Chance

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